Capital Investment


Your business would like to make a new investment by means of another business acquisition, or investing in real estate or installing new equipment. Large-scale capital investments are decisive in achieving your goals and therefore must be made based on the specific criteria. 

What is considered as a “good investment”?
Define together appropriate criteria such as return on investment, impact on daily work and the environment and assess proposals.

FairWorks help you set the right criteria and support you by providing a clear assessment of the proposals at hand.

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Frequently asked questions

Before making a quote, FairWorks will contact you to understand your exact needs so that we can provide you with a quotation addressing your precise needs.


You will receive a transparent bill based on the original quotation. Depending on the services received and the scope of our partnership FairWorks can provide you with a variety of billing options, such as:

    1. Project based
    2. Hourly rate
    3. Project based with success fee

At the beginning of our partnership we will agree on the terms and conditions of our collaboration. Any information shared will be kept confidential.